About Positive ION Apparel

About Positive ION

InspiratION in MotION

Through the combination of high quality fabrics, functional, yet fashionable designs, and all emblazoned with motivational and inspirational keywords, Positive ION Apparel, Inc seeks to become a leader in the growing empowerment, athleisure apparel industry.  Our products are designed to reinforce the power of positivity through specific keywords that serve as visual affirmations to help you stay focused, motivated, and dedicated to achieving whatever goals you are working towards. 

  Everyone in this world has had to embody one or more of the keywords words that we've carefully chosen for our apparel line.  Positive ION's apparel may be perfect for the athletes looking for that motivational edge, as well as being perfectly suited for anyone from any age or profession that may need that daily visual inspiration to accomplish whatever goal they may be striving to achieve.   

Here are some examples of where Positive ION's line of motivational and empowering apparel may be the perfect fit.  

  • Athletes that need to try to take their game “to the next level” need to be more dedicated - DedicatION
  • Anyone trying to lose weight for health reasons or to stay in shape must stay motivated - MotivatION
  • Injuries and illness are things that affect all of us.  If you are someone battling an illness or rehabilitating an injury, you must be determined - DeterminatION
  • College students who are working on their future careers need to be ambitious about what lies ahead for them - AmbitION
  • Anyone who strives to reach the top in their field, whether it be in sports, academics, or business must be passionate about what they are doing - PassION

In sports as in life, our goal is to inspire people through our motivational keyword apparel to be the best they can be at whatever they are seeking to achieve.  By embracing Positive ION's unique InspiratION in MotION concept, the possibilities are endless.  What’s your ION?