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Our Story

Inspiration comes in many forms, why not wear it!

Inspired by one of Sean Masi’s favorite songs, U2's iconic and arguably their most inspirational song, “Bad.”  With its soaring melody and lyrics about rebirth, redemption, after addiction with phrases such as 'temptation, isolation, revelation, condemnation to name a few.  What if, Sean thought, those words were flipped and turned into something positive?  What if people could be inspired by these now positive words and be able to wear them?  Athletes like to train by visualizing themselves winning no matter if it’s a home-run, touchdown, hockey goal, a 3 pt. basket, etc… through certain inspirational words! What if they could think it, feel it, and wear it? If motivational keywords can inspire athletes to train harder to achieve the pinnacle of their sport, can they also inspire anyone from all walks of life, all ages to achieve the pinnacle of their lives? Inspiration comes in many forms, why not wear it?

Positive ION Apparel Inc was created in 2020 however the idea for the line of motivational keyword apparel came to Sean Masi in 2012, while Sean was still active in athletics. Growing up in Brooklyn NY, playing every sport you could imagine from sun up to sundown, Sean was not the most talented player on his team, however, he was determined to work hard and read as many inspirational books and quotes as he could in order to get an ‘edge’. Through his self-education, Sean realized that the simple act of positive thinking greatly helped not just with sports, but was applicable in all facets of his life…anything that required focused, goal-oriented attention was suddenly more achievable simply through the power of suggestion, the power of positive thinking! Today, Sean is happily married living in New York City with his 2 children and works for the City of New York. Today, Sean still competes on occasion however his weekends are now spent coaching his children while helping them to feel inspired by their own positive thoughts and actions. Sean’s goal is to pursue his dream of helping to give the current generation and generations to come the inspiration in obtaining their goals no matter if it’s in sports or in life. 

In 2020, Sean partnered with Patrick Bremer, former entrepreneur, who understood the story, the vision, and the potential that Positive ION represented. Patrick's connection to Sean had already been strong as they both had known of each other as fans of their favorite band, U2 and one of the world's premier U2 Tribute bands, The Unforgettable Fire! Additionally, Patrick had already enjoyed success in the 2000's as a solo Internet Entrepreneur in Feb 2002 with the development of U2mart.com, billed as a' U2 Store Created By Fans For Fans'. The success, knowledge, and connections that Patrick achieved with his unique fan site/merchandise store hybrid culminated in his invitation to work as a merchandise vendor on U2's 2005-2006 Vertigo World Tour! Over the course of 18 months, 47 shows in 7 countries, Patrick traveled the world meeting U2 fans from all ages, making improbable connections, having once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and all while working the hardest he had ever worked on anything in his life up to that point. These were the times that Patrick became keenly aware of the importance of keeping a positive attitude and embraced all of the keywords that embody Positive ION's mission statement. The fact that U2's iconic song 'Bad' was also an inspiration to Patrick and one of his favorite songs as well was either a great coincidence...or the hands of fate nudging Sean and Patrick towards one very positive collaboration!